Handouts for Free Spirit Asatru Blot Workshop

Joe Mandato and Manny Olds

These are the documents we would have printed and handed out if our budget had been larger.

  1. Notes for the presentation
  2. Dirk's "4 Bedposts of Asatru"
  3. Groa's Brief Introduction to Asatru
  4. Groa's Heathen Reading List
  5. Ring of Troth's God Roster
  6. Heimskringla: The Ynglinga Saga. See Section 11-13.
  7. Our Troth chapter on Frey (Fro Ing)
  8. Our Troth chapter on Alvs and Wights
  9. Irminsul Aettir Asatru Contact List
  10. The Pentagram and the Hammer: Wicca and Asatru

To the Land of Confusion

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